Course Information:

We offer committed students a well tested structure within which to prepare for the increasingly specialised and competitive world of professional interior design where subjective creativity must be supported by objective practicality.

We do not presume to teach you to be creative. You bring your individual creativity to the course and we help you to express it through the cultivation of appropriate intellectual and practical skills.

We encourage bold, clear, conceptual thinking but believe that ideas must be tempered by an informed response to function and fabrication.

We believe you will best learn to design through intense, sustained, involvement with the design process and we therefore demand a heavy workload of diverse projects which together offer comprehensive experience of the discipline. You are guided throughout by supportive and collaborative tutorial discussion.

All full and part-time tutors are actively engaged in practice and together offer a complimentary range of specialist experience, which includes furniture design, computer draughting, and professional management techniques. Visiting tutors bring supplementary experience of major specialist activities, such as retail, leisure, exhibition and theatre design. The work of staff members is regularly published and exhibited in Britain and abroad.


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