Pamela Flanagan - Visits GSA:

brinkworth - allsaints and the planners.

Pamela Flanagan spent 3 days working with all four years, bringing her expertise in retail design to bear on the antiquarian book shop, small specialist shop, and mobile phone shop projects. In addition to working in the studio Pam guided us through the recent work of rinkworth in the Macintosh lecture theatre.

I graduated in 2000 and moved to London to work on a 3 month contract with Kilo Design which was an ex graduate's company. Following that and through the ex GSA London network I moved to Imagination where as a junior designer I worked on the Ford account which included European Motor Shows, showrooms and point of sale and exhibitions. Working on large scale presentation work (many all nighters, part and parcel of the junior role), I travelled across Europe on site. Working alongside copywriters, graphic designers, production managers, media and digital designers gave a great insights into the workings of a global branding agency!

After 4 years I had enough of cars and wanted to work in a smaller creative agency, so an opportunity arose and I heard Brinkworth were hiring. Got the job and went in as a middleweight designer intially working on Firetrap, then worked on new concept roll out for Whistles. I have also worked on various high st brands including Dorothy Perkins, Jesire, 66 North, pitch work, small jobs and some of the domestic jobs. For past two years I have been running the roll out of Allsaints in UK and Europe including stores in Paris, Berlin and Antwerp. So that's me 5 years at Brinkworth already!

Pamela Flanagan


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